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Industrial field and ISO 9001

Industrial field

Industrial field - studio di ingegneria parrini
Particular fields of application are: 
- Detailed design 
- Overall design 
- CAD model creation for rapid prototyping 
- Product correspondence to specific regulations and / or directives 
- Design and construction of assembly machines 
- Product optimization 
- Search for new suppliers 
- Design of refrigeration systems 
- Mold control and maintenance

European Regulation and Directive compliance

European Regulation and Directive compliance - studio di ingegneria parrini

Thanks to the collaboration with various test Institutes, Studio di Ingegneria Parrini is able to verify compliance with the regulations of the most varied components for both civil and industrial use.

In addition, "lo Studio" also has excellent knowledge of procedures and standards for welding steel components.

Constant regulatory updating permits to Studio di Ingegneria Parrini to draw up projects in accordance with updated UNI, EN and ISO standards.

Tool Maintenance Program (China and Taiwan)

Tool Maintenance Program (China and Taiwan) - studio di ingegneria parrini

"Lo Studio" classified, labelled and drew more than 150 toolings and dies produced by many different chinese companies for our italian customer. Furthermore we prepared a maintance program data sheet and we discussed, with all the chinese suppliers, methods and instructions concerning the quality requirements regarding the produced components.

ISO 9001 certification

ISO 9001 certification - studio di ingegneria parrini

The owner of the Studio attended a 40 hours training course for Auditor/Lead Auditor and is able, for customers, to implement quality systems according to EN ISO 9001:2015.