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Civil Eng. & Safety Managment

Civil engineering

Civil engineering - studio di ingegneria parrini

Studio di Ingegneria Parrini is active both for Residential and Industrial civil engineering fields in the following sectors:
- Structural and architectural designing
- Preparation and presentation of building construction documentation
- Structural and architectural construction supervision
- Hydronic and sewage systems construction supervision
- Energy riqualification for existing buildings
- Surveys and executive drawings
- Architectural drawings
- Interior design
- Site engineering
- Metric calculations and cost accounting
- Preparation, assistance and execution of Static testing

Construction Safety Management

Construction Safety Management - studio di ingegneria parrini

According to italian Legislation Ing. Marco Parrini, owner of Studio di Ingegneria Parrini, is able to take responsability in accordance of Title IV of DLgs 81/2008 and according to DLgs 106/2009.

Land Administration Agency

Land Administration Agency - studio di ingegneria parrini

Studio di Ingegneria Parrini is able to give assistance in the following fields:

-      Updating building cadastre database

-      Updating land cadastre database

-      Updating cartography and real estate rights

-      Estimation in real estate taxation field

-      Updating of the nationwide real properties register

-      Writing of Real Estate renting contracts

Foreign Activities

Foreign Activities - studio di ingegneria parrini

Business Plan formulation, project and internal layout designing of a plant for metal, glass and wood shelves production in India.

The "Studio" was the link between italian Head quarter and indian suppliers and consultants.
Plant project was implemented in cohoperation with Esthete Company (Mumbai).


Energy diagnosis related to a public toilet for the Canadian market.

Verification of thermal parameters, interstitial condensation and thermal bridges for a construction enclosure intended to house a public toilet.

Building Cooperative in Milan

Building Cooperative in Milan - studio di ingegneria parrini

Studio di Ingegneria Parrini managed a Building Cooperative, building a residential complex with an area of 1.600 sqm. We took care of all the problems from the project, construction and economical point of view.